I Gave My Juncus a Haircut

Landscape Designing in the Santa Clarita Valley can be fun!  Treating your plants as your friends is one way to accomplish this, here is a little story you might enjoy. 

I was looking at the cute little juncus in my front planter bed and thought to myself, he looks a bit shaggy. He had been such a rebellious little punk with his blades all askew when I first set eyes on him at Worldwide Exotics, now he’d grown older and maybe a bit more complacent and it showed... his do was done!

 I remembered sitting in my lower east side apartment in the 80’s giving haircuts to curly haired friends who didn’t want to spend money on a barber or in the salon and the light bulb went on. My cute little juncus needed a bit of a scissor cut!

How to make his blades stand up again was easy, a little trim underneath to lighten up the main stragglers, then I simply took my scissors (my garden scissors from the 99 cents store) in one hand and grabbed his blades in the other and “texturized” those blades just like my hairdresser texturizes my bangs!

My punk rock juncus is back, better than ever! I can hear the strains of "Blitzkrieg Bop" in my head and all is fine in the world.

If you want to learn a little more about trimming ornamental grasses, just take a look at my post - February, Is It Spring? - scroll down and read about Ornamental Grass Care.

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