One Day In June

Being a Landscape Designer in Santa Clarita is an all-encompassing quest. I find that everything I do leads back to designing for my clients and my morning walks are no exception. One of the best things about blogging for me is Wordless Wednesday because one of my hobbies is photography, so my love of gardening, plants and everything beautiful naturally become my subject matter.

Since school is out I have started taking walks with my dogs in the morning (instead of driving carpool) much more rewarding. The first three days I just grabbed my pups, my phone and was on my way. We all enjoyed our walks immensely and on the third day, I saw something extraordinary that was worthy of Wordless Wednesday – the most amazing array of cactus blossoms at a neighbor’s house about three blocks away. I took a few shots with my iPhone, and vowed to bring my “real camera” the next morning.

 Much to my dismay the cactus flowers ONLY LASTED ONE DAY!!!!! I was devastated, there were a few that hadn’t bloomed the day before – but the gorgeous display of multiple blooms one next to the other was GONE. The woman that always carries her camera around in her pocketbook (me) was foiled by a desire to travel light.

So what did I learn? 

Lesson One: Always be prepared. (I’m back to carrying my camera at all times.)
Lesson Two: Don’t assume anything (I could have gone back with my camera any time that day.)
Lesson Three: I need to bone up on my cacti! (I am making a call to Worldwide Exotics!)
Lesson Four: Let it go (I did get a few nice photos, and well… there is always next year.)

I have an update to this post and therefore another lesson!

Lesson Five: Be patient (I passed by the house a few days later and a whole new set of cactus flowers were blooming!)

 So, enjoy these photos and hopefully next year they will be even more spectacular!

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