Wordless Wednesday - Carpinteria & Santa Barbara

Red Trumpet Vine

Agave, Hens & Chicks, Lavender

Coral Tree

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Dwell on Design 2011

Eco Arbor Designs

Today is normally my day to tell you about events for next month, I'm reserving that for a later post because today I went with my friends Lisa Madison and Lisa Esposito down to the Dwell on Design Show in Los Angeles and I found so much that I wanted to share with you!

Once I arrived I wandered around with my NAPWL family, Angelia Beckstrom and Theodora Michailides and we did some serious perusing of the Outdoor Exhibits. (NAPWL is The National Association of Professional Women in Landscape - please visit our website to learn more.)

Dwell on Design is the annual modern design expo at the LA Convention Center this weekend it features the latest furniture and accessories, plus speakers. 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. June 24 is for the trade and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. June 25, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. June 26 it is open to the public.

This show was lots of fun, they had everything from Eco Friendly Outdoor Wood Deck Tiles (above) to chicken coops. The wood decking is easy enough for ME to install! My friend Theodora is their distributor - so take a look at her website to learn more.

The chicken coops even had chickens in them and are called Chicken Co-Op. They looked great, and are made of recycled material. Check out their website.

Chicken Co-Op

I just love the new release by Monrovia Growers. They had a gorgeous pure white mandevillea vine - that looked like a bowl of cream with a dollop of butter in the center. Now I just have to find the right client... any takers?

We also found some beautiful eco friendly paints and glazes in beautifully muted colors, and rich patinas. The lime washes from Portola Paints & Glazes are beautiful.

Another one of my favorite items was a beautifully crafted succulent planter that was blown glass with a GROW LIGHT in a bell suspended over the plants. The glass and lamps are a new edition to the pieces created by artist caleb siemon. Gorgeous!

EIS Studios had a display of custom crafted Pebbles - my favorites were the ones that looked like giant beach pebbles that would look beautiful nearby an organically designed swimming pool. They also have wood cast versions which were very nice and ones done in fabric.

If you have a chance to visit Dwell later this weekend or next year, it is a great opportunity to grab some inspiration and check out some of the eco friendly choices that both interior and exterior designers have at our fingertips... waiting to share with you!

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Wordless Wednesday - Blooms & Foliage

Lacecap Hydrangeas

Merlot Bearded Iris (Greenwood Day Lily Gardens)

Lamium in Flower

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How To Care For Salvia

Native California Sage

The genus Salvia is one of the largest in the plant kingdom and contains over 900 species, these plants readily cross-pollinate, so there are both natural and manmade hybrids galore!

Most salvia plants like full sun, but many do well in partial shade and in the hottest areas plants like Salvia chiapensis are much better with shade. These plants are perfect for gardeners who want drought tolerant plants with colorful long-lasting flowers that can be brought into the house or enjoyed outdoors. There are many varieties to chose from, so you should find at least a few that are perfect for your home. Most are deer resistant and very pest and disease free, so they are an ideal plant.

Salvia greggii in front of Pineapple Sage

Salvias like well draining soil, if the soil is too wet or dry they will not produce new growth or flowers, in overly wet soil their roots may rot. Planting Salvia plants is easy, select your spot, amend the soil by adding compost and dig your hole twice as wide and about as deep as the container and pop the salvia in the ground at the same depth or just below the level that they have been growing in their nursery pot. If you are planting California Native Salvias … use NO amendments but make sure you are planting them in the soil type that is proper for their species.

Salvia argentea (Silver Sage)

Although salvia provides amazing color all summer long, they require only minimal care. Since they require less everything to provide beauty changes are likely that you will more likely OVER care for you salvia than under care for it. Water your salvia sparingly, infrequent deep watering is best and little fertilization is needed. Too much fertilization and your plant will become tall and lanky and the blooms will be sparse. When you begin to see lots of dried seedpods and spent flowers, cut the back to about half their height, which will encourage new growth and new flowers within a month.

Salvia greggii - red variety

There are many salvias to chose from, so… have fun! (My friends Sara, Shelly, & Ken at Worldwide Exotics have a GREAT selection of Salvia)

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Wordless Wednesday - Fillmore, Ca.

Onion Field

Day Lily Plants

Pelargonium Leaves

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It's A Good Day!

Today my son, Marlon, is graduating from college. He has spent the last four years working hard and playing hard up in Santa Barbara. So, in honor of his graduation and my having a million things to do I am posting a link to his website. One of the things that he has done during is time at school was develop a love for Tea, he and his friend Dylan have started a company and I would love to share it with you. Please visit Chan Teas and feel their love for Tea come through. It is an amazing resource about tea; visit the blog, the store, and enjoy!

Enjoy this beautiful day, and think about our happy family sending our love of tea and the garden out to you today.


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Wordless Wednesday - Towsley Canyon

Native Sage

Mimulus - Monkey Flower

Yerba Santa

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What To Do In Your Southern California Garden In June

June is here! The weather is starting to be a bit more consistent, so you can plan some days out in the garden. A little sprucing is always good especially if you plan to celebrate a graduation, Father's Day or even a wedding outside. Click here and read all about what you should be doing in your garden this month.

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Wordless Wednesday - Fairfax District, LA

Solandra maxima - Cup of Gold Vine

Distictis 'Rivers'

Chorisia especiosa trunk & Anigozanthus

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