Wordless Wednesday - What Are The Shrubs Up To?

Rhaphiolepis 'Majestic Beauty' a nice small tree

Photinia in full bloom

Rhaphiolepis makes a great hedge or screen - very utilitarian!

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rgabbysdad@aol.com said...

I would like to buy a rhaphioleps tree but I have pool and worry about the flowers in spring? When they fall! Trying to find tree for shade but have to worry about the roots since I put down pavers. Robert

Grass is Always Greener said...

Hi Robert,

You are right to worry about the flowers in spring, they will make it more difficult to clean and will actually soak up some of the chemicals you use, so you will spend more money on chemicals or annoy your pool guy.

send me an email to: julie@thegrassisalwaysgreener.net with more specifics like where you live, sun/shade/water conditions, how much space width wise in the bed, and how tall you want your plant(s) to be and I'll see how I can help you. If you sent me a photo of the area that could really help!

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