Four Life Skills I Learned In The Garden

Recently I spoke to a group of amazing entrepreneurial women; I was asked to speak about my business and myself. As I began writing I realized that although I am used to speaking to people about gardening, plants, and design. I wasn’t sure how to share for business people. Then it came to me, the garden has taught me many lessons that I use every day in my business. So I shared four skills that I drew from the garden, I decided to share them with you too.

Vision – without a clear vision of the outcome of your garden, you will create a hodge podge of things that may or may not look good together. Spending some time brainstorming your garden, your business, and your life will go a long way to helping you create the garden or business or life that is best suited for you.

Planning – if you don’t plan a garden it has no rhythm, no flow, no beauty, and no peace. If you don’t plan at least SOME of your life you will feel ungrounded and you too will have no flow and probably very little peace. If you don’t plan life, life will plan you.

Companions – Plants have certain companions that they do well with. California Natives are best planted in communities because they improve the soil and each other. Tomato plants and basil are great combinations for both planting and for cooking and there is a whole list of plants that are best planted underneath oak trees. I think that it is as important to find your perfect companions in life, and for your business. Those that compliment you, support you, and help you improve your soil! I am so lucky to have my Mastermind Group and the Harmonious Home Team they support my business and share many parts of my life with me so my extra, added bonus is that they are both my colleagues and my friends.

Flexibility – plants and especially weeds know how to be flexible… and often the weeds are the most successful plant in a garden! They mimic the plants around them and they fool even the most experienced gardener into letting them stay put. Be flexible in your life and your business, sway with the breeze without compromising your values and you will become a fixture in your own life’s garden.

Using vision, planning, companions and flexibility in your life will certainly make you a more successful gardener, and I think those same skills can help you translate all your dreams into reality.

A little business/life advice from my soil (or should I say soul?)

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