What To Do In Your Southern California Garden In July

It's heating up in SoCal, but there are still plenty of things to do in the garden. Take care to work during the cooler hours, use sunscreen and a hat, and drink plenty of water. Here are your chores for this month!

It is a great time to start tomato seedlings if you are interested in having a fall garden. You should also consider some container varieties too, most smaller fruited varieties do well in containers. Here are a few that you might want to try.

Czech’s Bush
Oregon Spring
Patio Orange
Peachvine Cherry
Principe Borghese

Refer to my cool season tomato varieties in How To Extend Your Tomato Harvest. If you don’t want to start from seed make your list for shopping next month. Green Thumb on Newhall Avenue in Newhall, Ca. always has a nice variety. I bet the other Green Thumb stores do too!

In order to maintain you pond’s pH this is a good time to start remove dying foliage on a regular basis.

Check the filter in your water garden or feature to see that it is clear of debris & clogs.

Remember at this time of the year the wind starts coming up, so water your garden early in the morning.

Make sure you grass is not smack up against your tree – it’s not good for them so it's good to make some basins.

It is also a good time to add some mulch if yours has disappeared, it will retain moisture and keep down those weeds.

If you thoroughly water your nut trees you will have richer tasting nutmeats.

You can extend your herb garden well into the by starting some herb seedlings now. Try a variety of basils, oregano and marjoram. You might want to try the cilantro seeds a little later in the year they appreciate the cooler weather

If you are forgetting to water your veggies and flowers on a regular basis, it might be time to install some drip irrigation to them or some rotating spray heads.

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