Where Do You Find Garden Inspiration?

I like to think that every time that I go out my front door, I am headed on an adventure that might broaden my horizons and add to my inspirational bank.

I recently returned from a trip to the east coast, our family visited Brooklyn, Long Island, Manhattan, Weston Connecticut, and Rhinebeck, NY. Everywhere we went there was tons of inspiration to latch on to. The lush foliage plants of Long Island and Weston, took my breath away. Walking around my parents or sister’s homes was a thrill for me and although I can’t completely replicate the types of plants that they grow, there was plenty of other design inspiration based on the artistic forms found in nature, color combinations and the way the plants layer one another.

I spent an afternoon with a friend of mine that I hadn’t seen for years, and since he is a garden freak too we decided to spend our time talking in a park half way between my parent’s home and his. I think that it was a great choice. The birds got used to us very quickly, so we had plenty of time to talk and enjoy the plants, the pond and the wildlife. It’s funny that when we were younger we didn’t know that we shared that same love of nature; I guess other things were more pressing at the time.

On another day my son and I ventured into Manhattan, although it was primarily a dining adventure extraordinaire we walked through Bryant and Tompkins Square Parks and I was quite impressed with some of the planting designs that the city has created.

We also had a lot of fun with my little camera (which I had to share because Aidan found a ton of inspiration around him) and looking at that set of photos the design inspiration is endless.

Manhattan may not seem like it would be a inspirational garden destination, however the design elements are easy to modify into hardscape and plant designs…

There and endless amount of inspiration to feed off of, especially when you take the vibe of the city into consideration

I can’t wait to go on another jaunt, not just to get out and get away but also to refuel and fill my tank! (As my friend Sheri likes to say). And speaking of Sheri, if you are feeling the need for inspiration and don’t have the time for a trip out of your neighborhood (cause any little detour will do) take a moment to check out Sheri’s website Sheribabytshirts.com. You’ll be glad you did, the inspiration will flow.

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