It's that time of the year again! The cool weather tomato plants are out in the Garden Centers and it's time to plant them in Southern California.

These tomato plants are called Cool Weather or Winter tomato plants, but don't think that means that they are hardy in cold temperatures. What it actually means is that the time it takes for the fruit to develop and mature on the plant is shorter than other varieties. This means that you can fit in another whole batch of plant before it gets too cold.

I have harvested tomatoes up until Christmas some years. So take a look at the list below and then take a visit to your local garden center to see what they have available. I would suggest a NURSERY as opposed to a Big Box Store - they won't have the proper selection for you at a Big Box Store.

Champion - 70 days to maturity
Glacier - 55 days to maturity
Jetsetter - 80 days to maturity
Legend - 55 -68 days to maturity
Manitoba - 66 days to maturity
Siberia - 62 days to maturity
Stupice - 60 - 65 days to maturity & a personal favorite of mine
Taxi - 69 -80 days to maturity

Please note that these are approximated days from planting your seedling. So don't hold me to them.
Many of the plants listed above are small sized fruits so they are perfect for planting in containers! I was just at Green Thumb in Newhall, Ca. and they have at least five of these in stock now.

Throw in a few new herbs too, while you are at it! Don't forget the dill (if you can find it) to ward off those pesky hornworms.


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