Baby It Is Cold Outside!

Being a landscape designer in Santa Clarita I think it is my sworn duty to remind you how to take care of your plants when it gets unseasonably cold, and if you are anything like me you have noticed that it is pretty chilly outside lately. 

I wrote the original post in 2010 and I run it again and again each year to remind my clients and friends that it is time to winterize, that said there are a few more tips that you should know.

1. Although most plants will benefit from watering prior to the cold (as mentioned in the post), cactus and other succulents WILL NOT. If they have too much water they will burst and are better a little under watered.

2. Check your irrigation timer!  If you have the time set for early early morning hours, now is the time to have the watering start after 8 am.  I switched mine to 9 am.   There are two reasons for this, if the plants are super cold and maybe even a little frosty the last thing you want to do is put water on them and thaw them quickly.  Let the sun or air temperature do the job. And... if you water your landscape early in the morning you will create a pool of water that will quickly turn to ice.  A huge slip hazard!

Here is the link to How To Prepare For Frost.  Take a few moments to read through and get ready, you may need it more than once this year.

Happy Holidays, enjoy your time off, your friends, and your family.  You deserve it!

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