Autumn Planting

Autumn has finally seemed to hit Southern California, being a landscape designer in Santa Clarita I always enjoy when the weather turns.  We can still plant and I enjoy the invigorating mornings and the clear blue skies filled with puffy clouds.  Planting a year round garden, it is important to take advantage of all the bounty each season, so make sure you head to your local nursery to select the perennials that are available and beautiful now.  You can also select from winter bloomers too, so don't waste these shorter days, head out and pick a few beautiful plants to pop into the ground.  Here are a few inspirational, plants with colors that echo the harvest to help kick start your day.

If you would like help beautifying your life, think about creating a garden with me. You can call me at 661-917-3521, contact me via email at julie@thegrassisalwaysgreener.net or visit my website.


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