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I love being a Landscape Designer in Santa Clarita, and I am lucky enough to be teaming up tomorrow with my friend, Tina Landrum to speak at Green Thumb Nursery in Newhall.  Since one of the benefits of living here is the year round gardening and it is the Harvest Faire, Tina and I will be talking about Edible Winter Gardening.

So, I thought I'd give you a list of the plants I'll be talking about tomorrow.  We'll also be highlighting organics, organic practices, nutrition and how growing your own food nurtures both body and soul.

Pak Choy

Winter Vegetables: 

What to Plant (Seedlings)               When to Plant It                            

Arugula                                            August - January
Bok Choy                                        Sept - Oct                              
Kale                                                 July - September                   
Lettuce                                             August - October                      
Spinach                                            August - October                          


Better late than never, here are a few that will still very likely work, although we are a few months behind.  It has been very, very hot so I think we'll still have more than half a chance!  

What to Plant (Seedlings)                    When to Plant It                               

Broccoli                                              June - July                                     
Cabbage                                             Mid July                                      
Swiss Chard                                       July - August                                   

Swiss Chard

Bulbs (or sets)
Garlic                                                 August - October                           
Onions                                               August - October                           
Shallots                                              August - October                          

Onion Field - Fillmore

Winter Herbs:

What to Plant (Seedlings)             When to Plant It                                

Cilantro                                       Sept - December                               
Dill                                              Sept - December                               
Oregano                                      All year round - a perennial!              
Parsley                                        Sept - December                              
Sorrel                                          Most of the year cooler is better       
Thyme                                        All year round - a perennial!             


There are also plants that do well by seed 

What to Plant (Seeds)           When to Plant it                                

Arugula                                 August - January                               
Beets                                    August                                               
Carrots                                 July                                                    
Kale                                     July                                                    
Kohlrabi                               August                                              
Lettuce                                 August                                               
Parsnips                                July - August                                    
Radish                                  September                                        
Spinach                                August                                                
Swiss Chard                         July                                                    
Turnips                                 August                                               

Radishes & Beets

Carrots & Beets

I like to succession plant the lettuces, if you plant new plants or seeds every few weeks, you will lengthen your harvest.  As one set of lettuces are cut back, new will be growing and you can have lettuce till it gets to hot.

Seeds of Arugula, Kale, Lettuce, Spinach and Swiss Chard can also be planted a little bit late it just means that you'll have smaller more delicate plants - which usually means sweeter leaves. 

If you'd like a little more detail about planting your garden and didn't make it to Green Thumb today, read a bit more in How To Grow A Winter Vegetable Garden.

If you would like help beautifying your life, think about creating a garden with me. You can call me at 661-917-3521, contact me via email at julie@thegrassisalwaysgreener.net or visit my website.


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