My Favorite Books

I have been taking both my portfolio and a couple of favorite books with me lately on first time client meetings and they have been met with great excitement!

I have had more than one person ask me to send them links to one or the other of the books I carry or have been furiously scribbling away while we are looking at beautiful, inspirational photographs.

I love to get new ideas from other talented designers and horticulturalists and both of these books give me inspiration every time I turn the pages.

I was lucky to attend a book signing last year sponsored by APLD where Carol Bornstein and Bart O'Brien were speaking. I had been anxiously awaiting the publication of their book, Reimagining The California Lawn, (written along with David Fross) since I had heard Carol speak during the summer of 2010 at the Pacific Horticultural Symposium. This book has proved to be everything that I had anticipated and more. I thought it would just be for my use, but find that it inspires my clients to think outside their standard comfort zone because the photographs are so amazing.

I have always loved edibles, since I have been a kid in New York, our family had fruit trees, berry bushes, and always a vegetable garden. I have been adding edibles to my garden designs when ever even the slightest opportunity presents itself. When I heard about the next book - I was VERY excited! I have never had the opportunity to meet Ivette Soler, author of the Edible Front Yard, but I follow her on twitter and was kept up to date on the status of her book until its publication. This book has beautiful photographs by Ann Summa and is a must have for anyone thinking of adding edibles to their landscape - either in the front yard, or anywhere else.

I hope you take a moment to look at the links to these books, gain some inspiration, and maybe add to your collection.


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