Gifts that keep on keepin' on!

If you are reading my blog you just might be a plant lover! If that is the case, why not give some beautiful plants to those lucky enough to be on your list?

Creating a beautiful container design for your friends ensure that you are on their minds all year. Here are a few tips for creating a great design:

  • Decide whether you want to go for holiday colors or your friend's color scheme and stick to it!

  • Pick a beautiful container (and make sure it is large enough for all you want to put in it) if you are in SCV, try Green Thumb Nursery or Green Nursery, they both have fantastic selections!

  • Select a stand out plant as your “thriller” and build around that. Camellias are a nice choice as are an agave and echiverea, or one of my favorites a Duranta. (Yes, your friends will eventually replant them into the garden as they grow too large --- added bonus!)

  • Think outside the box – what about throwing in some edibles as filler? This is a great time to design using leafy greens! My favorites are red mustard, a beautiful red veined sorrel, and arugula (because I use it in salads to spice things up).

  • Don’t forget something cascading – it gives you three layers of plants and adds dimension.

  • Add a surprise to your container. Bury some bulbs of beautiful spring flowers in your container and you will certainly delight your friends again come springtime.

I love designing containers; as a matter of fact I love designing! For more about my landscape designs, take a look at my website


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