Where to go to beat the heat? A moonlight garden of course!

Summer in Southern California Valleys and inland areas are HOT, however that gives us an opportunity to take advantage of our beautiful evenings so you can beat the heat in your garden at night! The stress of a long day melts away in a fragrant, relaxing haven… your backyard. The way to create a wonderful retreat that will shine in the moonlight is to fill your garden (or a space in your garden) with silver foliage, white flowers, and plants that are fragrant at night.

Plants that bloom at night are great, but you can also use foliage plants that scent your space. First create a backdrop of vines or tall plants why not try some Star Jasmine, White Climbing Roses, Angel’s Trumpet (poisonous watch kids & animals), Viburnum and you can use Camellias if you have shade in the daytime. The shrubs and vines will allow you to add height and a sense of enclosure to your space, which will make you, feel more comfortable and relaxed

If you have a nice wide bed, you can add a layer of smaller shrubs, Spirea, Gardenia, Russian Sage, and for the shady spot Brunfelsia. These will add more depth, texture, fragrance and color to shimmer on a full moon. If your bed is 6’ or less wide – please skip this step!

Then it is time to add perennials in front. There are some nice scented foliage plants in this bunch as well as ones that are just plain textural, they can add so much to your garden. Achillea, Euphorbia (poisonous), dwarf Cuphea, Licorice Plant, Moon Flowers and Artemesia, and for the shade you can use the silver foliage Plectranthus, Calla Lily or some lime green Coral Bells. Then just finish up with a ground cover and/or annuals such as Lamb’s Ears, Bacopa, Nicotiana, Cosmos, Dusty Miller, Allysum, Thyme and Impatiens for the shade.

By creating a beautiful space to share the night with your family, you will have a relaxing sanctuary that you can enjoy from spring into the fall.

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