What To Do In Your Southern California Garden In March

Last year about this time I started a monthly blog post to remind you what to do in your garden each month. The year is now complete, so now I can start linking to my old posts. I promise that as I have new insights I will add them to your monthly reminders.

I hope that these reminders will help you to maintain your garden without having to give it too much thought so you can enjoy your time outdoors improving both your garden and your state of mind. I know that when I’m working in the garden I am much more grounded because feeling the earth between my fingers (and sometimes my toes) does wonders!

Last year at the end of March Tami Smight & I gave at talk at Green Thumb Nursery, so you will see that mentioned in my post – we are doing it again this year, but please show up on March 26, 2011 and NOT the date listed at the bottom of my last year's post… unless you are a time traveler and can go back to 2010 in which case we will be happy to see you at both events!

Thank you again for allowing me to reach into your life and give you a little shout out each week, I am so proud that I stuck to my gardening reminders and I hope you are proud of yourself as well! Click on the link for the March Reminders.


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