What To Do In Your Southern California Garden in February

It is that time of the month again (or a little later) when being a Landscape Designer in Santa Clarita means I send you my list of chores for the month.  Read through, select what you need to do and discard the rest.  February is the reason that I moved to Southern California, we are the lucky ones working out in our garden while others are digging themselves out of the snow.  (My family included)

Here is the link for your February To Do List, so enjoy the sun, the breezes, and yes... the chores - we're lucky to have them. 

In addition to planning your veggies (#9) don't forget that it is a great time to plan some beautiful Container Designs, and you might even pick up some pottery on sale since the new shipments will be coming in to nurseries during this next four weeks. 

If you live in another part of the country, please tune in to the show I just taped with Joanne Mathis on the BlogTalk Radio show Artist's Designers, and Things, Oh MY!  and find out what you can be doing to Prepare for Spring


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