What To Do In Your Southern California Garden In June

I hope you are enjoying a lovely long weekend, fire up the grill and enjoy the company of family and friends, you can grab your to-do list here today and save it for later in the month. May was quite warm in this year in Southern California, so the plants are starting to pop, maybe a bit early. Make sure that you are out in the garden with proper sun protection, and keep hydrated! Gardening is a great way to encourage a healthy body and mind, but it is important that you don’t over extend yourself in the heat. (Maybe you should plant an aloe somewhere if you don’t already have one).

1. Check The Water - Since it has been hot, check that the water in your container and potted designs are adequate. If you have your drippers turned down, you might need to turn them up a little.

2. Feed your roses!  You should be back on a fertilization schedule by now.

3. Spruce up the Crape Myrtles - Trimming of the old bloom ends from you Crape Myrtle trees will encourage lots of new flower formation.

4. Good Grooming - Pinching off the faded leaves and flowers of your caladium and coleus plants will keep them looking their best. Be sure to water consistently, and use an organic all-purpose fertilizer on these beauties. A little birdie told me that she’s growing a bunch of new fabulous coleus varieties, so as soon as I see them… I’ll share my secret.

5. Earwig problems?  Here is a tip I learned last year at a seminar, diatomaceous earth can be used to control earwigs. Spread it around where they live.

6. Give your perennials some love - Penstemon, Salvia, and Pentas will bloom more if you trim off their old blooms and bloomed out spikes. You’ll have them blooming longer, so dead head those babies!

7. Vegetable Patrol - Checking your vegetable crops regularly is a great idea. You can look for pests and remove them (or treat the plant) and you can harvest the crops at their optimal size. (No one really loves a 5’ zucchini except for a photo op).

8. More good grooming -  As your spring blooming shrubs (like Ceanothus) have finished their flower show, you can give them a light pruning. This will keep them neat and encourage new growth for next year.

9. Show Stoppers - Gladiolas are a great summer blooming bulb, if you want to create a continuously blooming show, plant a few bulbs every few weeks starting now.

10. Palm Tree Panacea - I suggest that you fertilize palm trees with organic slow-release fertilizer three times during the year, this is one of those times. Early summer (now), late fall, and then again early spring. Select a fertilizer that has equal numbers (balanced) and contains micro-nutrients.

If you would like help beautifying your life, think about creating a garden with me. You can call me at 661-917-3521, contact me via email at julie@thegrassisalwaysgreener.net or visit my website.


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