Inspiration and Healing

Inspiration and healing never comes when you expect it. If you go looking, you won't find them but if you open yourself up to the world around you, there they are.

I am from the east coast, specifically the Greater New York area. I have lived in Manhattan, on Long Island, and in upstate New York and since my family is still there I go back to visit fairly often. A family event sent us back this past weekend and although it was too short (it always is) I enjoyed every moment. I walked the streets, and drove the back roads of my youth and found inspiration and healing by sharing a different perspective with my (now older) children. I really appreciate that they are at ages of discernment and that I can share much more with them.

photo by Marlon Molinare

I spent a day in Manhattan with my eldest son; I took him to the West Village, home of my first apartment, which I shared fresh out of college - just a shade younger than he is now. And later we spent an extraordinary 90 minutes at The Mandarin's Tea Room, I entered thinking that I would be learning more about the teas that my son Marlon, of Chan Teas, loves and walked out with a firmer connection on some of the principles I have been trying to foster in myself. I felt the tea brewing meditative (which I have been working on cultivating in my life) and the scents, tastes, textures, and sounds that Tim shared with us were extraordinary. It allowed me to participate more fully in the subsequent tea brewing sessions that Marlon shared with our family and created another great family memory.

How does this tie in to inspiration and healing you ask? I find beauty and inspiration all around. Have you ever designed a garden based on a beautiful curlicue or a antique pattern? I have.

Walking the city streets with the chill air in our faces, enjoying the branching structures of trees that I don’t normally see, drinking in the vibe, and coming upon surprise secret gardens tucked away among the big buildings gave me pause. I can see using all of these elements in my clients’ gardens, and how each and every piece of inspiration can lead to the creation of another garden that will connect families, heal hearts and minds, and foster enjoyment.

Stepping from the brisk streets into the warm tearoom provided another opportunity for me to understand that these are the kind of feelings (warm, comfortable, safe, healthy) I want to bring to people.

Long Island, the deserted beach at sunrise – cold and stark but beautiful and inviting. The birds circled above, the beach grasses rustled in the breeze, the water lapped against the shores. I felt completely at peace, completely aware, and completely inspired.

Nature can bring harmony, healing, and comfort to humanity, so why not bring it into your home by creating a healing garden? What I took away from this trip is that the world needs people to share their experiences with each other, to help others, and to realize that we are one. We are all in it together, so taking some time to center is really important. No matter how you do it, yoga, meditation, drinking tea, hiking, creating a garden. Get inspired and just take that step forward.

I think that the world needs more gardens and fewer yards.

If you are interested in learning more about adding permanent aspects to your healing garden, I’m offering another complimentary teleclass, This is second in the series.

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Monday February 13, 2012 at 6:30 pm PST

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