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My friend and colleague Tami Smight and I share a love for antiques. We use them in our homes and gardens and we love to talk about them at Design Seminars around town.

Recently Tami & I had a chance to sit down and discuss how she came to love adding personality to her home and the homes of her clients re-using pieces of art and antiques.

Tami and I became friends a few years ago and I have been lucky enough to partner up with her on projects and in the Harmonious Home Team along with Elaine Giftos Wright. Tami is originally from Chicago, so we both enjoy the vibe and excitement when we head out east. Tami was an RN at UCLA, so she came to Interior Design with a special talent for nurturing and she helps her clients learn about themselves, their homes, and their design style. Inspired by her mother and sisters, she has had a thriving Interior Design business in Santa Clarita, California since 2004.

Julie: When did you start collecting antiques?

Tami: 1998 was the year we bought our current home, I started buying antiques to add character to our home because buying used items kept me within my budget –I found that I was drawn to them because they were beautiful, full of character and really became a part of my style.

J: Has anyone in particular influence your love of antiques & eclectic pieces?

T: Sue Sargent, my friend Dave’s mom. She was an antique dealer that I really looked up to. Since we are transplants Sue & Dave have invited us over for Christmas each year. I loved her home – I would spend time looking at all the pieces (and drool over many) and I couldn’t help but notice that it made her home feel comfortable and down to earth… and I love that! I also love that she would specially choose vintage toys for her grandchildren, so she was actually giving them precious heirlooms for the next generation.

J: It sounds like you feel she was creating family memories, I know when I have heard you speak about the holidays that plays into your tips.

T: Yes! I love creating family memories; I love that each gift can have a special story behind it. I want my children to have those kinds of memories too, and later to create them.

J: Why do you think antiques add to your home and garden d├ęcor?

T: They add an instant sense of history, they also give your space patina – and I love that. I love to mix old and new pieces; it gives the space the sense that it has been furnished over time, with love and care. It tells a story too.

J: What kind of people might think about adding antiques to their home and garden?

T: Anyone can benefit! I think it is great to start small, so you feel comfortable; take the container planting you have in your yard and replace it with an antique vessel of some sort, you can re-use the same plants – but give it a whole new look! You could also add some architectural elements - old iron finials, an armillary or an antique birdbath added to your planter bed would make them more of a focal point.

J: Where do you shop for antiques?

T: I started at the local Antique Mall, but my favorite is the monthly Rose Bowl Flea Market. I started two years as a fun outing and I go a few times each year now. I love to shop there because there is always an abundance of each type of piece I’m looking for so that I can both price shop, and style shop.

J: How do you select the right pieces?

T: I think it is good to start with a goal in mind, but keep an open mind. If something speaks to you – buy it! You’ll find the right place for it.

J: Can anyone shop for special pieces?

T: Yes, but it sure helps to have designers to inspire and guide you. Designers are also great about placement. You want your pieces well displayed, not hidden away in a corner or cabinet.

J: What do you bring with you when you shop?

T: If I have an area in mind I bring dimension, like for example the size of a wall I want a piece for. I also bring a tape measure, comfortable shoes, a hat, water and … an open mind!

J: Do you have a favorite piece that you have picked up over the years?

T: Yes! Now this shows just how you have to be in the right place at the right time. I went uncharacteristically unprepared and arrived at a stand just as the French dealer that I've been dying to buy a piece from was unloading her truck. When she unveiled a pair of blue shutters, I knew they would be perfect for my stairway. As I mentioned I didn't have a tape to measure them with, but when I got them home they fit to within ½” !

J: Obviously they were yours. That's the beauty of shopping with someone that has impeccable fashion sense!

Tami and I really enjoyed hanging around and chatting, about antiques but more importantly we enjoy shopping for them! So… we’re headed out to the Rose Bowl Flea Market on Sunday November 13, 2011 and … we’d love for you to join us!

Here are the details:

  • 8:00 am: Meet at Courtyard by Marriott parking lot (Santa Clarita, Ca.)
  • · Return between 1-3 pm
  • · Dress for sunny, warm weather (layers work well) bring a hat & water!
  • · Carry your own purchases to the car
  • · Food and drinks available for purchase at the Bowl
  • · Bring cash for purchases (some vendors do accept cc)
  • · Your investment is $275/person --- Blogger discount!!! $250/person
  • · Fee includes transportation, parking, admission, items selection assistance & design advice

This event is limited to only five (5) people!
email our team email and we will coordinate payment via cash, check or credit card

harmonioushome@thegrassisalwaysgreener.net for reservation

If you want to know more about Tami, check out her website ... and you can look at my website too while you're at it.


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