Hiking in Santa Clarita

Don’t let anyone tell that there are no nature adventures in Santa Clarita. We may live in the suburbs, which make it seem like the only things around are shopping malls and restaurants but nothing can be further from the truth. Santa Clarita has many beautiful hikes both in the valley and a short distance away. If you are a nature lover, Towsley Canyon and Placerita Canyon are two beautiful areas to hike with your friends and family. You can also hit Hasley Canyon and even hike in Mentryville.

The Towsley Canyon loop is not for the faint of heart! The 2-mile loop is really quite doable, and the 5-mile can really get your heart pumping. The best time of the day to hike around Santa Clarita is early, as you know it gets rather warm here and 5 miles of hills is much nicer at 70 degrees than 90. Make sure to bring plenty of water no matter where you hike, wear sunscreen, and bring a camera.

There are beautiful vistas all around, depending on what time of the year you hike there are wildflowers in bloom, beautiful scrub oaks, interesting rock formations and lots of Yuccas. The Placerita Canyon hike is a little less strenuous but no less beautiful, as a matter of fact there are even times of the year that you can hike to a beautiful waterfall. Keep your eyes out for our local hawks, they may seem to follow you, gliding on the breeze and are a joy to see.

If you want to drive a little, you can hit Vasquez Rocks by driving up the 14. Amazing rock formations, little pockets of shade to have lunch in and lots of wildlife and plant life. Be sure to watch out for rattlesnakes, as it gets hotter boots are a must for hikers in and around Santa Clarita to protect those ankles. If you hike with your dogs make sure that they are on a leash, are well behaved and that they have had some rattlesnake avoidance classes or leave them home. Some people take their dogs only early in the year to avoid snakes and I think that is a great idea.

Get out there and get moving, if you live in Santa Clarita you are only experiencing some of our treasures if you have never hiked around here!

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