How To Compost

I am honored to be a featured writer for Scene In SCV, and earlier in the week I posted about my experience learning about and actually composting. My family and I have a Worm Composting bin and we and our worms are very happy about it.

I hope you will take a moment to read my article on composting and hopefully starting a compost bin of your own! Next Saturday October 30, 2010 there is a composting class that you can attend:

Beginning Smart Gardening Workshop - Composting Info
Castaic Lake Water Agency 27234 Bouquet Canyon Rd. Santa Clarita, 91350

FREE Smart Gardening Workshop - Learn about backyard composting, worm composting, grass recycling, water-wise gardening, and fire-wise gardening! Compost bins can be purchased at the subsidized prices of $40 each for a backyard compost bin and $65 each for a worm compost bin (this price includes 1/2 lb of worms).

Here is the link to my composting post.

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