Free Weather Based Irrigation Timer for Santa Clarita Homeowners

Have you ever awoken after a long night or rain to realize that your sprinklers are on? Have you ever come home from a long trip in the dead of summer to find some of your plants getting close to their “permanent wilting point”? Have you ever noticed patches of dry grass where just days before you had green turf? If you can say yes to any of these questions a Weather Based Irrigation Controller (or WBIC as they are fondly referred to) may be just the tool you are looking for!

You are now in luck. Castaic Lake Water Agency in cooperation with your water retailer is providing free weather-based controllers to its customers and that means - you. A couple of weeks ago I attended a training class and walked away with a free Weathermatic Irrigation controller for my home. Stephanie Anagnoson from CLWA and Marlene Bernstein of Scene In SCV both mentioned the program to me within two days of one another and I joined Marlene at the class at Aqua-Flo. Rene Emeterio of SLM who can be reached at 805-520-7590 is administrating the program. Call him to find out when the next class is being held, and put your name on the list for a controller. If you don’t feel up to the installation yourself, you can either have your gardener or landscaper call to be trained or get the name of someone already trained to install the controllers.

Did you know that 70% of all water used is on our landscapes and that 50% of that is overused? By having a WBIC, you can help reduce that waste. So make sure to take advantage of this great program, while the availability of controllers is still high.

The class was extremely easy to understand, informative, and well taught by Cathy Sanchez of Weathermatic with an intro by Rene. Matt Schiller and Carlos Galan of Aquaflo also spent some time talking to us about their commitment to greener living and helping the SCV become more water wise. It is great to have a group of committed companies working together to help us attain our 20% water reduction by 2020! Hey, I’m a Landscape DESIGNER, not an irrigation contractor so if I can do it….you can too.

Right now September is the last scheduled class for 2010, so give Rene a call today and get on the list. If you miss the September class you can still contact Rene for your timer, but you’ll have to pay one of the approved contractors on his list to install your timer. Feel free to contact me for more information on that.

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