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I always enjoy spending time with my friends, and the ladies that I hang out with are not your ordinary book club! We’re a group of artistic, eclectic women that value art, design and inspiration because we need it and use it in our every day lives. Being around other women that value the same things that I do really helps me in my work. I am able to share my thoughts and ideas with them and can put that back into my landscape designs.

Last week we celebrated two of our friends’ birthdays, Candice Hirst and Sheri Varela so we decided to head downtown Los Angeles on the train. Harriette Knight, Tami Smight and I are very lucky to have these great May birthday girls in our lives! The Metrolink is an easy hour trip from Santa Clarita or Newhall right into Union Station. Of course we talked the whole way down, so the ride seemed a lot shorter than an hour. Union Station is a beautiful destination in itself and there are some wonderful tiles, lighting fixtures and artwork right in the station.

We started the day on Olvera Street, which is a hop, skip & jump from the train station. Much to my delight the walk over to Olvera yielded some beautiful plant combinations, which I had to photograph. I will be sure to use them in some of my landscapes.

We shopped, we ate great Mexican food and we walked and walked. After lunch we headed over to Chinatown, which is less than a 10-minute walk from Olvera Street, since I’ve usually driven I was completely turned around and never ended up in the area that I am used to. It didn’t matter at all… since there is so much to see and with good friends, it doesn’t really matter where you end up.

We found lots more inspiration, did more shopping, more walking and on the final leg back to the train station we found this wonderful plaque set into the ground. The plaque says, prosperity and we had to have a shot of us all on the plaque. We began as mastermind group, created to help one another with our businesses. The group has helped us prosper which is why we had to have that photograph, yet it has turned into so much more. I am sure that I would not be where I am today with out these great friends.

Inspiration is so important not to just "creative types", but to everyone. Please take some time for yourself, your family and your friends and go out and enjoy life! It’s too short to hide yourself away and work, work, work. Your added bonus is that the inspiration will come back to you in spades in your life and in your business.

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Harriette Knight said...

What a wonderful recap of a fantastic day!

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