How To Find Inspiration

Finding inspiration for any type of art can be elusive, and continually finding inspiration for you and for others can be even more daunting. Being a Landscape Designer that likes to give each client an individually designed landscape is important to me, so I must continually search out inspiration.

Taking yourself out of your day-to-day surroundings is one way to add inspiration to your life and finding beautiful places with wonderful people makes it even more enjoyable.

My Mastermind group is an amazing network of women that I share my life with and each is more fabulous than the next. Our Interior Designer, Tami Smight celebrated her birthday last week and we decided to spend the day in Ventura with her. The ride out the 126 and up the 101 is a beautiful journey and we spent the ride chatting and laughing. We arrived in Ventura famished and had a wonderful lunch sharing stories, eating and enjoying ourselves.

The rest of the day was spent shopping in boutiques, d├ęcor shops, and thrift stores where we found a wealth of baubles, treasures and inspiration!

I found kitschy garden boots in ever-popular polka dots, wonderful outdoor rugs (modeled here by Master Healer Harriette Knight – who always buys her outdoor rugs right here at B on Main), and maybe my favorite, a sea glass chandelier. Now I need to find the client that wants to create an outdoor room I can build around that chandelier. Call me if that is YOU!

I loved window-shopping with everyone, because we shared our ideas about how to use the different pieces that we saw. A display of doorknob wine stoppers sent me off on a journey in my mind that would include matching patio furniture, plants and hardscape with antique doorknobs and switch plates. Sheri Varela and Candice Hirst pointed out many other beautiful items that gave us all inspiration for projects to come.

Your art and your life will broaden in many exciting ways if you open yourself to new places, people and ideas. Be open, be creative and most of all let the world in to inspire you!

For more information or inspiration www.thegrassisalwaysgreener.net


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